About Us

Candle Line was created by an actress and an environmentalist Izabella Miko. You may know her from "Coyote Ugly"; "Clash of The Titans"; "Deadwood"; or  "Step Up; All In" (visit www.izabellamiko.com to learn more about her work) She created the line to support her environmental foundation EkoMiko that teaches how to live a green life in a very fun, interactive, and sexy way:-) A chic, “must-have” item, the EkoMiko candle was featured in People Style Watch, US Weekly, Elle, InStyle, and Shape magazine, just to name a few. Check out the PRESS section.

What makes the candles so unique is that no other candle on the market is as sustainable from head-to-toe as the EkoMiko candle. The repurposed wine bottle vessel holds wax made out of organic coconut butter, that you can safely use on your skin as a moisturizer or massage oil, and works regardless if the wax is hot or cold. Another delicious feature is the chemical-free wood wick, which makes a lovely crackling sound while it burns smoke-free for up to 50 hours. To top it off, the biodegradable box, once planted and watered, will surprise you with beautiful wildflowers. The green madness doesn't end here, all the inserts are made out of stone paper, use no water, and harm no trees in its creation. Best of all, EkoMiko's "Give BACK and You Shall Receive" program encourages buyers to refill their candle for a discounted price.

Available in two scents: EkoHero (woodsy, leathery, and smoky), and EkoHeroine (floral, grassy, and fresh), they are worth every cent for both personal and environmental reasons.