"The hand poured love concoction rests in what once was a wine bottle,
repurposed to give you clean burning smoke-free light."

The frosted green reclaimed vessel comes from The Green Glass Company. Embracing the idea of repurposing over recycling, their innovative glass products come from reclaimed wine, water, and trademark bottles rescued from the North American waste stream. The pioneers of reclaimed glassware, the Green Glass Company holds a unique wine bottle-to-goblet conversion patent enabling them to use all parts of bottles. In addition, the re-purposing process requires only a fraction of the energy needed to make glasses from recycled glass. Each glass thus retains the essence of the original bottle, preserving the artistic contour, vibrant color and design of the original vessel. The decoration of the glass is applied via silk screen printing process using an environmentally friendly, lead-free ink as a barrier for the frosting process. The next step is the frosting of the whole outside of the glass, leaving only the EkoMiko design transparent. The frosting is achieved from sandblasting instead of the non-environmentally friendly method of acid etching. Sandblasting medium is aluminum oxide, which is totally inert and is re-used over and over again.


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