"The biodegradable packaging hides wildflower seeds, once planted and
watered with care they’ll flourish spreading beauty, hope and love."



Continuing EkoMiko’s philosophy of bringing new life to items no longer needed, the seeded box was a perfect choice for our packaging material. Ross Printing company is powered by 100% clean wind power and is working hard to minimize their environmental footprint by reducing volatile organic compound (VOC) emission.

2010 City of Spokane SMART designee Winner
2009 Clean Air Award Winner

Ross printing has reduced their VOC output by over 50% in less than 2 years by:

- installing a chemical-less, water based platesetter, for their Flexo department and have totally eliminated film in all their processes
- converting their roofing material from black to white
- recycling 34 tons of waste annually, along with every wooden pallet and corrugated container
- internally designing an oil recovery system so that 100% of their oil is filtered down to a purer oil after recycling than when oil is new
- using linseed oil, which is water soluble and easy to harvest without vast use of pesticides, 18% soy based ink and alcohol free press wash in their Litho department