Foundation EkoMiko


EkoMiko is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that takes on an innovative, interactive, fun and super sexy approach in educating everyone about caring for our environment.

What’s So:

Enough with the melting glaciers scaring you out of your Hummer, if you’re a pimp, you’ll want to ride with the ladies in your big truck anyway. We just want to show you a few other ways to make a painless difference.

Whatever we focus on grows – so I choose to focus on the possibilities and excitement of a green future. I do this by creating EkoMiko episodes, contests, interactive eco life guides and by organizing events that inspire.

Why do I put myself in the center of this EkoMiko madness? Well, I have no shame and will tirelessly fight for what I believe in. And yeah, I use whatever “celebrity” I have or can mooch off of another star to lure the public into watching my episodes while feeding them positive green messages. So, deal with it!

The Future: You might be wondering how teaching a kid to make a flower pot out of a used two-liter plastic bottle will save the world? Well, it plants a seed in their mind; and in a couple of years, that same kid may grow to be a big exec at Sony who insists on building new sets from at least 80% recycled materials…..and that they all run strictly on solar power. One person can make a difference. Moving Forward:

We’ll be making episodes around the world, featuring other everyday Eco-Heroes and sprinkling them with some Hollywood Magic to make them extra cool.

We’ll send EkoMiko School Buses into communities and arrange entire days of eco activities with celebrity guests.
School-kids will unite and form their own EkoMiko Gangs. Armed with tools and information, they’ll set out greening their schools and communities.

How You Can Participate And Make A Difference:
Green is good and the green in your wallet is even better! Share your green to help EkoMiko’s mission of greening the world possible. So don’t be shy; we totally want your Green Benjamins. You can donate right here (it’s totally tax deductible baby…oh yeah!).

If you are a big shot in the green world, invite us to your next event!  We are looking to team up with other green companies. We’ll enable and empower each other. Together, we can reach further and have a greater impact.
Spread the word, help the EkoMiko Gang be the place to be. If you work in the media world-cover us.

If you have spare time and want to volunteer-we will find you a green outlet that will have you jumping out of bed ready to make a difference. We welcome creative thinkers, passion and a no holds barred attitude.
If your company is green and needs a push, let’s team up. We’ll help the world hear about you.

If you’re a single male AND you recycle, for a simple donation of 100K or more, I will go on a date with you, during which I will teach you about global warming by holding your hand and if you’re lucky, I will spend the night in your house changing your light bulbs to energy efficient ones.

If you take about 8-14 breaths per minute and want to continue doing so, remember to recycle, turn off the water when you brush, walk instead of driving and stay tuned to for more tips on how to be a green inhabitant of our planet and just an overall swell person!

    Your Truly Committed Gang Leader,