LOVE POTION- Organic Coconut Butter Wax

"The essential oils/organic coconut butter wax blend is meant to be applied to the body, hot or cold.
The unforgettable scent will stimulate the imagination and caress the skin all while moisturizing it."

The 100% certified natural vegetable wax, created by Stone Candles, is a predominately coconut blend made with luscious biodegradable elements of the earth, which are made with non-GMO, pesticide free, raw materials. These ingredients are manufactured ecologically
sound, socially just, and economically responsible according to international standards.

This wax is mainly coconut based wax with some traces of palm wax, beeswax and essential oils. The coconut oil used is Certified Ecocert Fair Trade, QAI Certified Organic, and Star-k Kosher Certified. The Palm Oil used is Certified
Organic IBD, EcoSocial Certified, Blue Ribbon Kosher, and QAI Certified Organic.

Enjoy the crackling wood fire sound while burning the Ekohero / EkoHeroine Candle, due to the wood wicks, which are 100% natural grown, 100% organic, and absolutely no chemical treatments. This special wick does not require trimming, there is little to no debris. and minimal carbon buildup. Wood Wicks Efficiently burns all waxes and are grown, manufactured, and sold in the USA. Enjoy 40 hours of burn time.


Committed to excellence in handcrafts since the 60's, they’ve always believed in producing products that are fresh, clean, and natural. They excel in sustainability by having a zero carbon footprint. All of the wax is reused or recycled in their factory resulting in zero waste. Not one bit of wax ever ends up in the trash. During production of the wax, Stone Candles only uses the fruit of the tree, harming no trees in the process. Coconuts are a sustainable resource for wax since they grow back every year.