MESSAGE OF NO GUILT- The Candle Insert Paper

"The ViaStone paper in its creation harmed no trees
nd soaked up no water... so go ahead indulge..."

For every 1 ton of traditional tree-based paper being substituted with 1 ton of ViaStone, the
contribution towards protection of natural resources can be quantified as shown in the figure.

In addition to producing a much higher quality printing medium, ViaStone also helps relieve the global deforestation issue and protect our precious green natural resources in ways more than one, since the advanced production technique does not require harmful chemicals for pulping or create massive industrial waste water from bleaching. The revolutionary printing paper is made from stone and completely free of traditional cellulose pulp. This new technology is 100% tree FREE, recyclable and uses absolutely no water or bleach in production. This unconventional paper making process requires less energy , resulting in lower costs and a lower environmental impact. ViaStone is a remarkable alternative to regular paper as it prints in ultra high quality and is astonishingly water resistant.