Vegan Superfood Breakfast Smoothie

Good Morning Lovelies!

Two questions that I get asked the most by my amazing fans are about my glowing skin glow and my figure that lets me fit into the same jeans that I wore 17 years ago (yep, the ugly high wasted look is back guys!)

"Well, besides dance and exercise- I'm a vegan" (that stops everyone in their tracks...panic forms in their eyes and I can tell that they've already given up on following anything I'm about to say) but...I make them hear me out...

Being vegan has its challenges (which I'll deal with in future posts;-) but the most challenging part is getting enough protein. I decided to make sure that my breakfast will have all that I need for the day, so the rest of the meals will be stress free. I am not a morning person and I don't like to eat when I wake up, but I WILL have a desert or a chocolate anything at any time. That inspired my superfood morning shake! That thing tastes like a chocolate/berry frozen desert and I sip it for a couple of hours and sometimes (ok, don't judge) l don't have anything else till the evening- that's how filling it is. The reason why I don't gulp it all at once, is also because your body is not supposed absorb this amount of nutrients and protein at once. My gigantic insulated sippy cup is my best friend and I'm never seen without it:)    


Not to worry, I've done all of the footwork for you (sometimes "bare" as you can tell from the pic:) and perfected the recipe for the last 7 years. It tastes super delicious, it will fill you up and will give you the boost that coffee used to give me. Most importantly-your body will love you for it. 

You don't have to follow the recipe exactly and ALL of the ingredients are not required, but since my shake has become a bit of a celebrity in my circles- I decided to truthfully share what makes it so magical, but YOU play around with it. I included amazon links, as I found that's the easiest and cheapest way to stock up on these sometimes pricey super ingredients. Below I share different tips and substitutions...


-      6oz Organic Frozen Wild Blueberries 

-      1 Organic Frozen Banana

-      1 scoop Chocolate Green Superfood

-      16fl oz organic coconut water 

-      SugaVida sweetener (to taste...I like it sweeeeet, so I put a lot of it)

-      1 tsp organic cinnamon

-      1 tbsp organic maca powder

-      1 tbsp brewer's yeast powder

-      1 tbsp lacuma powder

-      1 scoop organic Chocolate Hemp Protein powder  or the Trader Joe's one

-      1 scoop organic Plant Fusion Vanilla Protein Powder

-      3 tbsp raw organic sprouted almond butter (I make my own with these almonds)

-      Handful of freshly cut greens from the garden (kale, lettuce, parsley) OR wheatgrass sprouts-super easy to grow them...

-      5 alkaline ozonated water ice cubes or just regular ice cubes (see the note re:     alkaline and ozonated water)

-      16fl oz alkaline ozonated water (or regular filtered water) 

-      40 drops ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops

Put all of the ingredients in a powerful blender ( I use Thermomix though you can use any juicer- Angel juicer is my next big purchase;) and blend it until smooth. Warning-The berries might give you that "not so hot" black seeds between your teeth look. I found that if you blend it for a long time- the seeds will brake down and you can flaunt that stress free smile everywhere!

- Liquids- I like to use coconut water for the sweetness, but sometimes I replace it with cold pressed juice that I make with my Norwalk Juice Press. Of course to get that super shredded look-you can use only water (less calories) I make my water with an alkaline machine which I infuse with ozone, to give it super powers- literally. More on alkaline/ozone water in my next post. I love making ice cubes like that, as ozone stays in water only for a short time unless you freeze it. I use just a simple home ozone generator for that.

-For coffee drinkers- ok, if you're having a little tough time with the transition (like I did at first)- add a little bit of cold coffee to the shake or one coffee bean until you feel like the boost from the maca powder will be enough to wake you up.

-Powders- instead of Lacuma powder sometimes I use Camu Camu powder or Baobab Tree powder just to give my body variety.

-Sweetener- If you want to go for the zero calorie sweetener use Trivia packets or Stevia. They are not as nutritious as SugaVida which is full of B vitamins, but they will lower the overall calorie count and will make the smoothie a bit...well, cheaper:-)

-Greens- I grow my own greens and I also sprout seeds. It's a good idea to mix it up, so add kale one day, then wheatgrass next and maybe lettuce another day. If you sprout, throw some in there too- honestly there's so much going on there, you won't really taste the greens.

-Time saving tip- I pre-mix the dry powder ingredients in a huge jar (except chocolate greens- as this one has to be refrigerated and protein powers as you generally put a scoop of each) and make a 2 week supply. This cuts the measuring time and you don't have to remember all the ingredients. Once you mix these dry ingredients you will have to put 2 scoops of it in (the big scoop that comes with the Plant Fusion Protein Powder) and then you just add the coconut water, water, ice cubes, frozen banana, berries, chocolate greens, vanilla and hemp protein powders, kale/wheatgrass, trace mineral drops and almond butter.

Enjoy! Please share your experiences with it, tips, advices or any questions you might have!

Sending you lots of delicious love!

Izabella Miko

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  • Vegan Superfood Breakfast Smoothie
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  • Vegan Superfood Breakfast Smoothie
  • Pain is Inevitable, but Suffering is Optional
  • Homemade Eco Gifts Under $5
  • Homemade Beauty Secrets- Surprising Ingredients!